January 29, 2011

Colour fingerprints: Blue's Brother

This post features a polish from the brand Catrice of which I don't know much of, unfortunately. So let me talk about their polishes instead. They have a nice though not extremely wide range in their permanent collection and are releasing limited colours now and then. I haven't tried a colour I didn't like application or formula wise. The brushes are of the wide kind - just like the ones you find with OPI - and I love them! Great polishes for a really great price, I paid less than three Euro for a bottle. If you can grab them anywhere, don't hesitate to do so!

Picture taken under artificial light:

And even more light by using the flash:

The colour I'm sporting here is 260 Blue's Brother a light blue with silver sheen that doesn't lean on turquoise at all, it's almost baby blue. I bought it on a whim when frustrated with work and it cheered me up pretty well.

I hope you like this, see you soon!

January 17, 2011

Colouful fingerprints: C-C-Courage

The more I look at my pictures, the less I like them... The following one was taken in indirect daylight, no flash. Even though the colour photographed purple and not blue, the focus is more on the bottle than on the nails. Oh well!

Pictured is China Glaze C-C-Courage, with a little sticker on the ring finger. Seche Vite was added for top coat to even out the surface which is necessary with this polish.

I hope you like it!

January 13, 2011

Cupcakes of colour: Blue alien

Since I discovered Cupcakes about two and a half years ago, I have been addicted to them. I love baking and eating them. And most of all, I love to decorate. I have expanded into cake decorating as well. One of my dreams in life is to open a cupcake and cake shop! *sigh*

The following guy and his friends, which were prepared for a birthday party, received compliments but also the verdict: "It looks kinda alien." I don't agree but I used the quote as my title nevertheless.

These were basic vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips. On top is a mix of orange flavoured and chocolate cream cheese frosting. Yum!

January 11, 2011

The colours of my eyes: Graffiti

I wore this look on the weekend so I had natural light to take pictures in. When I look at them, I really like how the colours work together and against my skintone, but I wasn't so happy with the result in person. No idea what I could have changed so it'd be more flattering.

UDPP was used as overall base again, followed by MAC's Landscape Green chromaline as base on the lid. It's hard to spot in the pictures, but on the lid are actually two shadows: MAC Chartreuse on inner and UD Graffiti on outer lid. In the crease, you see MAC Club and on the browbone is MAC Vex. MAC Phloof was used a brow highlight. Then I added MAC Quarry mineralized eye shadow on the lower lid and finished with MAC Brownborder technakohl for liner.

I think this eye look is just as blah as my current manicure. Anyone care to see the latter nevertheless?

January 10, 2011

Colour fingerprints: Let Me Entertain You

Dear Santa gave me OPI Let Me Entertain You which was high on my wishlist. After taking of my new year's eve manicure, this was the first polish I grabbed. It's beautiful and perfect in all but one way: No matter what I tried, I couldn't take a good picture of it.

This is fresh after applying, picture taken with flash:

What an unfocused mess. At least it shows the glitter well.

On the fifth day of wearing the polish, I had some sufficent daylight to try taking pictures again:

Not as blurry but still not perfect. Please excuse the tipwear.

I hope you still get an idea just how pretty this polish is!

January 09, 2011

The colours of my eyes: Peace

I wanted to post this look a few days ago already but didn't find the time then. Anyway, here is something colourful:

Be prepared for a lot of products! :o)

For bases I used UDPP all over, MAC Otherwordly paint pot on the upper lid and MAC Landscape Green chromaline on the lower lid. Eye shadows are UD Peace (lid), MAC Freshwater mixed with MAC Scene (crease), MAC Shroom (browbone), MAC Persona (brow highlight) and UD Graffiti (lower lid). And finally, UD Zero 24/7 as liner.

January 04, 2011

From the bookshelf: Die Haarteppichknüpfer

The less you know about this book the better! Trust me. The review on amazon.com is horrible as it tells the whole story already and that should be considered a crime. The only thing I will tell you: The book consists of short stories that seemingly don't interact with each other... at the beginning. The longer you read the deeper you will drop into the puzzle. The solution to it all will blow your mind.

Why this book was the beginning of a love story: I stumbled upon the author Andreas Eschbach quite a few years ago. First, I bought this book then soon expanded into his other great works. Every book is different from the one before, he has great themes and digs deep into his subjects. I would buy his new book without reading the blurb (dear dictionary, are you sure that word is correct?). It's sad that barely none of his work was translated yet, but thankfully this one has at least an English version.

Andreas Eschbach: Die Haarteppichknüpfer / The Carpet Makers

January 02, 2011

The colours of my eyes: Freshwater

This look was created a few days ago. I went to the "in-laws" (we're not married so far, so it's not quite correct) to have a late Boxing Day. I've got some great gloves to keep my hands warm. I might show them soon because the look kinda funny. Anyways, on to the look:

UDPP as a base, with UD Sidecar on the lid (beautiful colour but the fallout is horrible!) and UD Darkhouse in the crease - both colours are from the UD Naked palette. On the browbone is MAC Shroom and MAC Phloof as highlight under the brow. On the lower lid, I used MAC Freshwater. And the upper liner is MAC Fly By Blue pearlglide with a blue glitter liner on top you can't really make out in the pictures.

I hope you enjoy, more will be posted soon!

Happy new year!

To greet the new year, lots of fireworks have been seen last night. I didn't buy any because I think it's too expensive. But I had some on my nails!

The colour is Orly's Rock Candy, again with stickers from Nails for Nature. It didn't photograph well and I had to correct the picture. The duochrome doesn't want to show off nonetheless. *shrug*

Have a great 2011!