January 29, 2011

Colour fingerprints: Blue's Brother

This post features a polish from the brand Catrice of which I don't know much of, unfortunately. So let me talk about their polishes instead. They have a nice though not extremely wide range in their permanent collection and are releasing limited colours now and then. I haven't tried a colour I didn't like application or formula wise. The brushes are of the wide kind - just like the ones you find with OPI - and I love them! Great polishes for a really great price, I paid less than three Euro for a bottle. If you can grab them anywhere, don't hesitate to do so!

Picture taken under artificial light:

And even more light by using the flash:

The colour I'm sporting here is 260 Blue's Brother a light blue with silver sheen that doesn't lean on turquoise at all, it's almost baby blue. I bought it on a whim when frustrated with work and it cheered me up pretty well.

I hope you like this, see you soon!

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