January 11, 2011

The colours of my eyes: Graffiti

I wore this look on the weekend so I had natural light to take pictures in. When I look at them, I really like how the colours work together and against my skintone, but I wasn't so happy with the result in person. No idea what I could have changed so it'd be more flattering.

UDPP was used as overall base again, followed by MAC's Landscape Green chromaline as base on the lid. It's hard to spot in the pictures, but on the lid are actually two shadows: MAC Chartreuse on inner and UD Graffiti on outer lid. In the crease, you see MAC Club and on the browbone is MAC Vex. MAC Phloof was used a brow highlight. Then I added MAC Quarry mineralized eye shadow on the lower lid and finished with MAC Brownborder technakohl for liner.

I think this eye look is just as blah as my current manicure. Anyone care to see the latter nevertheless?

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