January 04, 2011

From the bookshelf: Die Haarteppichknüpfer

The less you know about this book the better! Trust me. The review on amazon.com is horrible as it tells the whole story already and that should be considered a crime. The only thing I will tell you: The book consists of short stories that seemingly don't interact with each other... at the beginning. The longer you read the deeper you will drop into the puzzle. The solution to it all will blow your mind.

Why this book was the beginning of a love story: I stumbled upon the author Andreas Eschbach quite a few years ago. First, I bought this book then soon expanded into his other great works. Every book is different from the one before, he has great themes and digs deep into his subjects. I would buy his new book without reading the blurb (dear dictionary, are you sure that word is correct?). It's sad that barely none of his work was translated yet, but thankfully this one has at least an English version.

Andreas Eschbach: Die Haarteppichknüpfer / The Carpet Makers

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