June 27, 2013

Stitching in colour: Citrus Coasters

While doing my nails the other day for the challenge, I was reminded of a little project on my to-do-list. I had bought the supplies months ago but it wasn't until I looked at my citrus covered nails, that I found the motivation to start.

A few days later, I present to you: Citrus Coasters!

The idea and corresponding tutorial are from the Purl Bee, you can find the relevant post here.

Two more pictures to show details and colours:

See you soon for the next installment of the challenge!

June 18, 2013

Challenge time: 02 - Orange, version 2

Considering orange is my anti-colour, I wanted to skip the nail part of the challenge. I don't own any nail polish in orange, never have never will. I could have borrowed one from a friend, but I'd still have no idea what to do with it. And then, flash of genius: Orange is a fruit, right? I can showcase that!

These are fimo pieces stuck on top of two coats of Orly's Au Champagne. I think I have even more colours of citrus fruit slices, but these are the ones I liked best. Application is not perfect because I just did it for this challenge post, it's not going to stay.

Yum, a real grapefruit! Now I'm somewhat hungry.

June 17, 2013

Challenge time: 02 - Orange, version 1

I have to admit - I don't like orange. It's my anti-colour. I may have an orange couch and orange painted walls in the living room, but that doesn't mean I would put that colour close to ME. So, for my first version of the colour, I decided to make coasters for said living room.

I didn't do any quilting on these because a) they are quite small and don't really need it, b) I wanted to save time. It still took me quite long to finish them.

The backside might have been a good entry for the green challenge, no? Too easy? Yeah, probably.

Putting them all together for a nice group shot. I would have liked to do more, but I only had so much of the orange leafy fabric. Ah well, eight is a good number.

See you soon for version number 2!

June 15, 2013

Stitching in colour: French Braid Table Runner

Initially, I wanted to post this under the "blue" category of the challenge, but I'm behind (boo), so I'm sharing this now.

This table runner is the result of trying out some kind of french braid pattern for fun. I wasn't going anywhere specific, I just wanted to see how it looked. Using pre-cut fabric from two jelly rolls made the inner part quick and easy. Doing all the rest wasn't though. Ah well, a few lessons learned.

Here are some detail shots to show some of the quilting:

It's leaving me soon to be sent to France. I hope my friend will like it! How about you?