June 17, 2013

Challenge time: 02 - Orange, version 1

I have to admit - I don't like orange. It's my anti-colour. I may have an orange couch and orange painted walls in the living room, but that doesn't mean I would put that colour close to ME. So, for my first version of the colour, I decided to make coasters for said living room.

I didn't do any quilting on these because a) they are quite small and don't really need it, b) I wanted to save time. It still took me quite long to finish them.

The backside might have been a good entry for the green challenge, no? Too easy? Yeah, probably.

Putting them all together for a nice group shot. I would have liked to do more, but I only had so much of the orange leafy fabric. Ah well, eight is a good number.

See you soon for version number 2!

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