July 10, 2013

Challenge time: 04 - Green, version 1

Wait! What?! Another challenge entry so soon?

I had a huge crush on the colour green a few years back. I was especially fond of lime/apple green. While I'm not wearing it in clothes anymore, the walls of my eating parlour - not really a parlour, but you get the idea - were painted a lovely fresh apple green. I'm in the process of sewing placemats to go along and although I'm not finished, I thought I'd show you how far I've come.

Ready for quilting! All of them...

There are going to be six placemats, each picturing a different sweet.

While in the process of arranging fabrics, it would have fitted better into the yellow category of the challenge. It's definately green, though! Look:

That's the fabric I'm gonna use for binding - a beautiful dark green!

I had to colour correct these pictures like crazy. They still don't look alike nor do they represent the colours correctly. I hope you like them nevertheless! See you soon!

July 09, 2013

Challenge time: 03 - Yellow, version 2

Baking just for the challenge isn't gonna happen. Someone has to eat the products after all! So when we had a family barbecue coming up, I used the opportunity as an excuse to make these:

Corn muffins with cheese and parsley. Nice, but a bit too sweet. Next time I'm baking them, I'm gonna twist the recipe a bit.

Green is up next in the challenge! YAY! I'm getting close to the colours I adore!

July 08, 2013

Challenge time: 03 - Yellow, version 1

Yellow is another colour I'm not terribly fond of. As I kid, I loved it so much, that I had to have a yellow bike for my 6th birthday. But now, no love left. I was debating to do another nail look just for the sake of the challenge and have it gone as soon as pictures were taken. But then THIS happened:

MINIONS! BA-BA-BA-BA-BANANA! Ahem. I've been waering this for three days already. Gotta see the movie with fitting nails, right?

I've used way too many products on this and most of it is acrilic paint anyway, including the yellow. As I'm not used to paint on my nails, the little details took quite some time to get decent. I like the outcome of the little symbol on the blue accent nail. It's supposed to look like a pocket on one of the minions' jeans.

Would have been a good look to use for challenge 23 - Movie Inspiration, but I've got another idea for that one!

See you soon for the food version of yellow!