July 10, 2013

Challenge time: 04 - Green, version 1

Wait! What?! Another challenge entry so soon?

I had a huge crush on the colour green a few years back. I was especially fond of lime/apple green. While I'm not wearing it in clothes anymore, the walls of my eating parlour - not really a parlour, but you get the idea - were painted a lovely fresh apple green. I'm in the process of sewing placemats to go along and although I'm not finished, I thought I'd show you how far I've come.

Ready for quilting! All of them...

There are going to be six placemats, each picturing a different sweet.

While in the process of arranging fabrics, it would have fitted better into the yellow category of the challenge. It's definately green, though! Look:

That's the fabric I'm gonna use for binding - a beautiful dark green!

I had to colour correct these pictures like crazy. They still don't look alike nor do they represent the colours correctly. I hope you like them nevertheless! See you soon!

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