August 29, 2013

Challenge time: 05 - Blue, version 1

I finally made it to the part of the colour spectrum I really like! YAY! This look was so fun to assemble and I would wear it longer if it didn't chip after 5 days of wear. These pictures were taken just after application, of course, so you can see the full effect.

The polishes used are China Glaze's Frostbite - yup, quite an appropriate name for this eye stinging blue - and 2NITE. After the first two coats, I taped of 2/3 of each finger and painted the second colour on top, removing the tape right away for crisp lines.

The second picture was taken with flash to show the holographic potential of 2NITE.

Version 2 for this colour is under construction. Check back soon!

August 23, 2013

Challenge time: 04 - Green, version 2

Before we move on in the challenge schedule, I have another version of Green for you:

For this, I've used A England's Saint George - a beautiful dark green holographic polish. The holographic bit isn't quite visible in my picture because I took this in indirect light. When the sun hits this, it sparkles all over!

On the ring finger, you can see China Glaze's Paper Chasing as well. I've used striping tape to create that effect.

Next up is blue, check it out soon!

August 15, 2013

Small update

Summer. Sun. Heat. Vacation. Stuff.
Yup, this sums up pretty well.

Here is a sneak peak to my next big project:

And another hint:

See you soon!