September 30, 2013

Stitching in colour: A POTC for me

As mentioned here, I am participating in a POTC swap. While I am waiting to receive the block for September, I have sewn one for myself:

I am planning to add a few blocks of my own to the ones I'm receiving from others to achieve the desired size of the finished piece. Not that I know that size right now *haha*.

September 29, 2013

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 03

I am bit late on Block 03. There were too many other things to sew in the last couple of days. I'll show you some of them later. But for now, we're admiring the next installment of the FQS Designer Mystery BOM:

I tried to keep from doing real flying geese with the first two blocks. But as this results in way too many bulky seams, I thought I shouldn't shy away again.

I've used the fast and "no waste" method to sew the flying geese. Though it's only useful if you need four identical flying geese (or any amount of elements divisible by four). One of the many instructions for this method can be found here.

The block is called Weather Vane and was designed by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson. Looks like this vane is promising beautiful weather.

This time, working on the block was much easier because I've got myself a 1/4 inch seam walking foot for my sewing machine. The centre square is my favourite part! Such an amazing fabric! *sigh*

The fabrics for Block number 04 are already cut, so see you soon!

September 24, 2013

Colour fingerprints: Gem

This is just a quick post to show you one of my all time favourite nail polishes: Nubar Gem!

Neutral-ish rose colour with pretty holographic sparkles! Love!

I wore this for a job interview thinking it's not too loud but not too dull either. And as application was a breeze, it's easily put on for some instant self-confidence.

September 23, 2013

Stitching in colour: Geisha bag

Instead of working on the Designer BOM, I had to come up with a quick birthday present for a friend. My first idea was to sew a turtle since she loves them and even got one as a pet. Unfortunately, the pattern I liked was not easy to come by. So I decided to sew a bag for her instead to use in her upcoming vacation.

I took the inspiration for this bag out of a German Magazin called Lena's Patchwork - Trendige Taschen. The original bag was created by Beate Pöhlmann (would love a link but couldn't find one). As is usual with me, I skipped a few details and added others.

There's one detail I couldn't forego though, no matter what: The cute japanese doll in a circle on top of the flap. Luckily for me, I had just the right fabric for this in my stash!

This tiny inside pocket was my touch...

... as was the magnetic closure.

Showing off the bright colours in sunlight, because I can!

I'm happy to report that my friend liked her bag and will put it to good use during her trip. I hope you like it, too.

September 15, 2013

Stitching in colour: A POTC a month (July - September)

Note: Due to a little blog accident, I had to rewrite this post.

I'm part of a swap group to exchange a hand sewn block each month. We're twelve members, so the swap will go on for a year. The pattern to sew is the pattern of the cross - or POTC for short. To make sure the blocks match each other, we decided on a template size beforehand. Each participant picks two colours and the swap partner sews a POTC accordingly, picking the fabric from their own stash.

This are the blocks I've sewn so far:

July: Orange + Grey

August: Orange + Grey

September: Blue + Green

And this are the ones that were sewn for me:



I'm still waiting to receive the POTC for September. But as I haven't sent out yet, I shouldn't be the one complaining.

September 14, 2013

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 02

I don't really have a schedule to sew the BOM, as there is no need for me to finish it by a certain date. But I thought it would be nice to try to sew a block each week. So here goes number 02.

As I did with block 01, I decided to tweak the instructions a bit. But as I'm not yet used to working with inch measurements, I discalculated and wasted fabric while cutting. Then, I discovered that the dots on the cream background fabric aren't perpendicular and wasted even more trying to cope with that. In the end, I still had enough fabric to sew the block, but if I was to start over, I would have to steal the background fabric from other blocks.

I've put the remaining fabric back in the plastic bag. As you can see above, lots of green and the other colours left, but cream seems to be gone.

This block is called Mint Julep and was designed by Lisa Bongean. According to the dictionary, Julep is some kind of drink?! Well, I don't know if the design goes with the name, but I think it looks lovely!

Yay for bulky seams! No pressing in the world will get this edge to lay flat.

Off to enjoy some sunny time today, winter will be here soon enough!

September 06, 2013

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 01

I was hinting in this post that I had a big sewing project going on. Today I'll tell you what it is about and, in doing so, step out of my comfort zone of keeping works in progress to myself. But as it is a Block of the Month thingy, it's easier to do. I will share with you one block at a time.

The BOM I'm working on is kinda outdated, it started June 2012 and went on until May 2013. I've bought the complete set after it finished in June 2013. It's from the Fat Quarter Shop and called Designer Mystery BOM. As far as I could figure from the packaging, a seamstress/designer/you-name-it is asked each month to come up with a block pattern, which is then put into instructions and sent off to the recipients with the fabric needed. To achieve consistency between the blocks, each one is built upon the same fabric collection, in this case Moda's Vintage Modern (which I absolutely adore), and uses the same background fabric.

This is my first experience with a BOM. There are a bazillion out on the webs, most of them require you to choose the fabric to use on your own. But I kinda liked the idea of having a complete little pack with instructions and fabrics. I chose the Designer Mystery BOM, because I could get all the blocks in one go (there's a plus to being late *haha*). And have I mentioned already that I love the fabric?

The first block is called Laundry Days and was designed by Anne Sutton. It think that's an appropriate name as I can imagine to see a sky view of a rotary clothes dryer in full spin.

Hm, could use some more pressing...

I have enough fabric left to sew the block a second time. Is that normal? Well, I'm gonna continue with block numer two nevertheless.

September 05, 2013

Challenge time: 05 - Blue, version 3

There can't be too much blue, right? So I've used some spare time I had yesterday to put on some makeup.

I've totally need to get back on track of applying makeup. I have forgotten my skills! And I have also forgotten how to do take pictures of my eye, I haven't done this in years *oops*. So about a bazillion pictures later, this looks almost decent:

It was cloudy at the time, which isn't bad. But when the sun showed up half an hour later, I had to try again:

Hmmm, getting there. Still no mascara though! I tend to forget applying some.

My favourite colour is up next on the challenge, I hope I find my makeup mojo until then. I absolutely need to show off some of my darling eye shadows. I hope you check back for them!

September 03, 2013

Challenge time: 05 - Blue, version 2

When I was asked to use "something blue-ish" for a bag, I knew I had to put it up here as a challenge entry. I've just finished this yesterday night:

The recipient decided on the basic colour scheme and chose the block pattern, I came up with the rest. The bag shall protect his headset.

For easy access (and because I had it at hand), the bag closes with velcro. To make it sturdy and provide protection, I used a stiff interfacing which was attached to the outside by quilting.

I simply love this multi-coloured thread! And such a perfect match to the fabric (which is a happy coincidence as I had this thread at hand, too)!

Violet next or more blue? Argh, can't decide!