September 03, 2013

Challenge time: 05 - Blue, version 2

When I was asked to use "something blue-ish" for a bag, I knew I had to put it up here as a challenge entry. I've just finished this yesterday night:

The recipient decided on the basic colour scheme and chose the block pattern, I came up with the rest. The bag shall protect his headset.

For easy access (and because I had it at hand), the bag closes with velcro. To make it sturdy and provide protection, I used a stiff interfacing which was attached to the outside by quilting.

I simply love this multi-coloured thread! And such a perfect match to the fabric (which is a happy coincidence as I had this thread at hand, too)!

Violet next or more blue? Argh, can't decide!


  1. Eine tolle Tasche hast Du da genäht.
    Entspricht zu 100 % meinen Lieblingsfarben.
    Und toll gequiltet!
    Sag mal, warum ist denn hier Alles in englischer Sprache????

    1. Danke! Ich bin von den Farben auch ganz begeistert!

      Das Englisch hat viele Gründe: 1. Ich will üben. 2. Eine meiner mitlesenden Freundinnen kann kein Deutsch. 3. Ich hoffe, dass mein Blog irgendwann international gelesen wird.
      Wenn dir etwas unklar ist, frag mich einfach! :)