September 05, 2013

Challenge time: 05 - Blue, version 3

There can't be too much blue, right? So I've used some spare time I had yesterday to put on some makeup.

I've totally need to get back on track of applying makeup. I have forgotten my skills! And I have also forgotten how to do take pictures of my eye, I haven't done this in years *oops*. So about a bazillion pictures later, this looks almost decent:

It was cloudy at the time, which isn't bad. But when the sun showed up half an hour later, I had to try again:

Hmmm, getting there. Still no mascara though! I tend to forget applying some.

My favourite colour is up next on the challenge, I hope I find my makeup mojo until then. I absolutely need to show off some of my darling eye shadows. I hope you check back for them!

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