September 06, 2013

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 01

I was hinting in this post that I had a big sewing project going on. Today I'll tell you what it is about and, in doing so, step out of my comfort zone of keeping works in progress to myself. But as it is a Block of the Month thingy, it's easier to do. I will share with you one block at a time.

The BOM I'm working on is kinda outdated, it started June 2012 and went on until May 2013. I've bought the complete set after it finished in June 2013. It's from the Fat Quarter Shop and called Designer Mystery BOM. As far as I could figure from the packaging, a seamstress/designer/you-name-it is asked each month to come up with a block pattern, which is then put into instructions and sent off to the recipients with the fabric needed. To achieve consistency between the blocks, each one is built upon the same fabric collection, in this case Moda's Vintage Modern (which I absolutely adore), and uses the same background fabric.

This is my first experience with a BOM. There are a bazillion out on the webs, most of them require you to choose the fabric to use on your own. But I kinda liked the idea of having a complete little pack with instructions and fabrics. I chose the Designer Mystery BOM, because I could get all the blocks in one go (there's a plus to being late *haha*). And have I mentioned already that I love the fabric?

The first block is called Laundry Days and was designed by Anne Sutton. It think that's an appropriate name as I can imagine to see a sky view of a rotary clothes dryer in full spin.

Hm, could use some more pressing...

I have enough fabric left to sew the block a second time. Is that normal? Well, I'm gonna continue with block numer two nevertheless.

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  1. Hallo AnNa,

    tolle Stoffe, hast du dir für den BoM ausgesucht...bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht...

    DAnke für deinen Kommentar, im PQF, zu meinem roten Kissen;-)

    HG Klaudia