September 14, 2013

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 02

I don't really have a schedule to sew the BOM, as there is no need for me to finish it by a certain date. But I thought it would be nice to try to sew a block each week. So here goes number 02.

As I did with block 01, I decided to tweak the instructions a bit. But as I'm not yet used to working with inch measurements, I discalculated and wasted fabric while cutting. Then, I discovered that the dots on the cream background fabric aren't perpendicular and wasted even more trying to cope with that. In the end, I still had enough fabric to sew the block, but if I was to start over, I would have to steal the background fabric from other blocks.

I've put the remaining fabric back in the plastic bag. As you can see above, lots of green and the other colours left, but cream seems to be gone.

This block is called Mint Julep and was designed by Lisa Bongean. According to the dictionary, Julep is some kind of drink?! Well, I don't know if the design goes with the name, but I think it looks lovely!

Yay for bulky seams! No pressing in the world will get this edge to lay flat.

Off to enjoy some sunny time today, winter will be here soon enough!

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