October 17, 2013

Challenge time: 06 - Purple, version 1

As you might have guessed from the layout of this blog, purple is my favourite colour. It's strange that I loved yellow as a kid and ended up loving the colour opposite of it in the colour wheel during my adult life. I love purple so much, people identify this colour with me and tease me about it. But I don't care, it's just so pretty.

The following clutch was made for me, therefore:

This is called the Necessary Clutch Wallet and the pattern was designed by Janelle of Emmaline Bags. I was doing a test run of the pattern to get to know the tricks and little pitfalls as I am planning to do sew such a clutch as a present. And while I'm at it, while not make one for myself? So, purple it had to be and I had just the right fabric for this. It's from Japan, so I can't read brand nor name. But hey, it's pretty, do I need to know more?

The clutch ended up being too chubby because the interfacing I used was to thick. It was also hard to attach the inner parts to the outside because of it. I will definitely change to something else when sewing this again.

Lots and lots of pockets and card slits! And don't forget the zipper pocket for coins or the like. First time I've sewn a zipper, by the way. It doesn't look too bad, does it?

Do I even need that many pockets? Haha! I am debating whether or not to tweak the instructions next time to have less. I would have liked the card slit pockets being made of more than one fabric as well. Hm, I see some experimenting coming my way.

Folding the card slits was a bit tricky. I'm showing you the pretty side here. The other one ended up slighltly askew.

Having the lock sit there is pretty, but wow! That was the hardest part for me. I blame my scissors!

I plan on doing more purple for the challenge (yes, I still need more purple in my life), so come back soon!


  1. Hei
    die ist doch toll geworden, trotz Kinderkrankheiten. Das Muster habe ich mir auch gekauft, bin aber noch nicht dazu gekommen, sie zu nähen.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Norwegen

    1. Danke! Ich selbst sehe meine kleinen Fehlerchen natürlich noch, aber ich bin doch froh, dass ich es hinbekommen habe. :)