October 14, 2013

Challenge time: Update

If you wondered where the next post to the challenge is... I wonder, too. Nah, of course I know why there's nothing new.

First thing, I am way too much into sewing right now to do much else in my spare time. And while I always look out for sewing projects to fit into the challenge, there are only so many that do and the suitable topic might not be here yet.

Second thing, my nails are letting me down. I hate them short, so when I broke off a nail two weeks ago, I decided to wait until it grows back before taking any pictures. Only to break another nail the week after... and another just two days ago! ARGH! It seems I have to cut them all down to avoid further breakage. Bummer.

And last thing, I haven't racked my brain lately on how to incorporate anything else into the challenge. Maybe I should get into that more and bake some cupcakes or some. Anyone hungry?

I hope to continue you soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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