November 15, 2014

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 08

It seems the motivation for the FQS Mystery BOM is still going strong. So here is Block 08:

Look at the fabric on the upper right: Red polka dots on primary red! It's almost singeing my eys, it's so bright. Not that I complain though, the weather is still blah!

The design for this block is quite simple as it's made from a lot of half square triangles and some flying geese, all of which were about to be ironed here.

But no matter how simple, the finished block is beautiful. I love the colours on this one! So bright and cheerful! The name of the block tries to get my hungry again - it's Lime Sherbet. The designers are Bonnie Olaveson and Camille Roskelley.

While the tips meet all around, this seam is really bulky and caused a lot of trouble under the needle. It makes me think about the batting for the finished quilt - I should look into something voluminous, so all the bulky seams will vanish in the fluff.

See you soon!

November 08, 2014

Stitching in colour: Designer Mystery BOM - 07

I had to scroll down my blog to check when I posted the last block of the FQS Designer Mystery BOM: It was one year ago, on the very same day. Oh, wow! It didn't feel like that much time.

My inspiration to continue this BOM has reignited while I travelled the USA and found a store that still had bolts of fabric from the Vintage Modern collection, which is used for this BOM. Suddenly, a picture of the finished quilt appeared in my mind, so I bought some of the fabric and made a mental note to get back to sewing! This is block 07:

The block is called Moonlight Serenade and was designed by Sandy Gervais. In the original design, the red dots fabric was used for the star as well. But I decided I wanted more colour, so I stole some green dots fabric from the residue of Block 04.

I really hope my inspiration won't falter again and you'll soon be able to see the next block.

November 07, 2014

Colour fingerprints: November's (not so) dull greys

While I was looking for polish inspiration yesterday, my eyes wandered around the room and stopped at the windows: Blech! The weather outside was grey, dull and foggy. If only there was something to make this less despressing. Hm. Some sparkles, maybe? I think I have just the right polish for this!

This a England's Ascalon with Color Club's Revvvolution on the ring finger. Holographic sparkles make everything better and grey nail polish wearable. As there is no sunlight to be had, well thank you November, this picture was taken in artificial light. I tried my best to capture the purple shift in Ascalon, but it's not really visible. I wish it was as that's the best part.

I hope this makes your November more bearable! See you soon!

November 02, 2014

Stitching in colour: Twister Jack o' Lantern

Three years ago, I thought it would be fun to "celebrate the pumpkin" and have a Halloween party. It was such a blast, that we made it into a tradition. For this year's decoration, I didn't feel like carving a pumpkin, so I sewed one! I guess I am a bit late, but I wanted to share anyway.

Starting with 182 squares of fabric...

... which were laid out and sewn together.

My rotary cutter complained about lack of work, so I got out this charming little twister ruler and started cutting.

Those are 1 1/2 inch squares. Lots of them.

I then sewed the squares together again. This picture showes the back of the finished top. It looks like one giant seam allowance!

And the final mini-quilt. Every finished square is but one inch wide, so the size is 14'' x 15''. I didn't add any quilting because it's supposed to be hung on the wall and doesn't need it. Also, I like the little prints on all the fabrics, quilting over them would be a shame.

The one with the little white leaves or drops is my favourite of the bunch.

I made this Twister Jack from a quilt kit I bought at the 2014 Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The pattern is from Need'l Love and the twister ruler is the Itty Bitty Tool from Primitive Gatherings. Even though the result is awesome, I doubt I will use the twister ruler again, soon. Working with it is just so fiddly!