November 07, 2014

Colour fingerprints: November's (not so) dull greys

While I was looking for polish inspiration yesterday, my eyes wandered around the room and stopped at the windows: Blech! The weather outside was grey, dull and foggy. If only there was something to make this less despressing. Hm. Some sparkles, maybe? I think I have just the right polish for this!

This a England's Ascalon with Color Club's Revvvolution on the ring finger. Holographic sparkles make everything better and grey nail polish wearable. As there is no sunlight to be had, well thank you November, this picture was taken in artificial light. I tried my best to capture the purple shift in Ascalon, but it's not really visible. I wish it was as that's the best part.

I hope this makes your November more bearable! See you soon!

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